Vizio TV can now stream Amazon Prime

Vizio TV is the second-best selling TV brand from the US later Samsung, and Amazon Video may be your second hottest TV and movie streaming agency after Netflix. But it took until today for Amazon to be available on Vizio’s best TVs. We reported that Vizio was integrating Smart TV programs into its displays; previously, owners of those Vizio models used an included Android tablet computer to download apps and throw for their TV. Now, Vizio has announced another program will be inserted to its onboard SmartCast TV stage: Amazon Video.

Vizio TV can now stream Amazon Prime

Even the TV manufacturer has rolled out a software upgrade for the 20 17 SmartCast TVs that allows access to something just about every other TV and streaming device has had for years: Amazon’s massive selection of Prime and paid content. Now you don’t need to connect a Roku or Fire TV for your Vizio to see ‘Manchester by the Sea’ or ‘The Man in the High Castle.’

Along side, Amazon comes with an interface for programs access, long a staple of smart TVs but missing until currently on those Vizios. I tested an early version of the port in My Own 2017 E-series review plus it mostly functioned as advertised, and similar to some other TVs:

Selecting the SmartCast ‘input’ causes the brand new program dwelling screen to appear, with icons to get a couple of major programs over the base (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, heart Radio, Xumo, Vudu, Pluto, also ‘USB’) as well as tiles including TV shows and pictures on the very top. Amazon and the others worked as I expected, detailed with 4K and also HDR streaming at which available. Unfortunately, response times have been the fastest and displays took somewhat longer than I’d like to load, but in my book, it’s (a lot) better than nothing. By no means is it better than Roku, yet.

The upgrade arrives at website Vizio TV P series and M, and this summer to the 20 17 E collection. Vizio before that the upgrade would make its way to the 2016 variants of those string as well but has yet to define timing. If you’re not thinking about buying a new Vizio pair with the software owners of 2017 models are going to receive the upgraded platform in an application upgrade. It’s rolling out now to P and M series Ultra HD displays; E series TVs will be upgraded some time this year.

Being a Vizio TV proprietor, I find the tablet/cast option than using services more convenient. However, Vizio has to conclude that their sets were competitive (regardless of the attractive prices) compared to competitors’ due to the lost integrations. It’s always good to see manufacturers adding, rather than taking away, features at precisely the same pricepoint. While I won’t be with this particular, it’s likely that you can find at least several Vizio users out there eager by this development.