Google Pixel 2 XL Cancel Produced

Some time ago scattered issues if Google will be producing three new Pixel cell phones to 2017. But reportedly there are only two that will be released to the public.

Third mobile phone upgrade Pixel it will initially have a code name Walleye, Muskie, and Taimen. And reportedly Muskie will stop its development, having previously predicted would be the successor to the Pixel XL.

Compared to the other two phones, screen size Muskie there in the Middle, with a Walleye have small screens and a larger screen Taimen. Mobile phone with code Taimen is what reportedly will be the Pixel 2 XL, because the size of the display is great, although body remains slim since it’s got a screen ratio to the body.

Pixel 2 predicted using the processor Snapdragon 835, like most mobile 2017 flagship. The release itself is expected to occur in September or October.

Prediction time launch Pixel 2 arises from the time release Android O, called would slide in August. Typically, Google will wait for 1 to 2 months after the launch of Android O before the release of Pixel 2.