Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a nice water-resistant cell with excellent performance, battery life, and camera. Also, it feels perfect in hand. It has 64 base storage, microSD card slot, wireless charge, Iris Reader and new USB-C port. The bad your fingerprint reader is wrongly located and makes you dirty the camera, or you take more time to unlock your cell phone, something you should do many times during the day. Also, there is no flat-screen version.

The conclusion the Samsung Galaxy S8 manages to position itself as one of the best cell phones of 2017 thanks to its excellent performance, great camera, and beautiful design, but its fingerprint reader has its flaws and can affect your daily experience, something that prevents you from being a real ‘ home run .’ This Samsung phone, like the Galaxy S8 Plus, offers excellent performance; Very good cameras; A very decent battery life; It is waterproof; It has a slot to insert a microSD card; The new USB-C port; Wireless charge and a lot of functions and features turn out to be very useful.

However, your fingerprint reader hurts the experience, as it is located in a wild place, it is not very sensitive, and it is not very fast either. Although it includes facial recognition technology and an iris scanner, these options do not become as accurate and practical as usually provided by mobile fingerprint readers. Also, Bixby, Samsung’s novel artificial intelligence, arrives in these half-cell phones, because at least initially it will not have the most critical component–and disturbing–of the cell phone: its advanced voice recognition.

In general, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an excellent cell phone that could be a home run, but its fingerprint reader impacts our daily experience and is such a necessary component that even cell phones that cost less than the US $200 manage to meet and offer a better unlock experience. The reduction in bevel size is one of the most important changes of the S8 and S8 Plus. This not only allows the phones to look very nice and their content is more immersive, but also makes it easier to control with only one bad.

However, this change, coupled with its curved screen, makes this cell more fragile and slippery than its predecessor (which had larger bezels and a flat screen) and also means other sacrifices. To begin with, the capacitive buttons and leading physicists of your predecessors are no longer present. The buttons are now virtual (on the screen), although the company has integrated technology so that at least in this lower part, towards the Start button, the screen can detect the pressure.

What is this for? The primary utility is that this sensitivity allows you to turn on the screen (if the screen is off) and even return to start when an app is in full screen just by pressing that invisible Start button. At the bottom, the cell phone brings the new USB-C port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the horn. On the right edge is the physical button to turn it on and to the left side, the volume bar and the new button dedicated to Bixby, the new virtual assistant of the company (more information on this one later).

On the other hand, on the top edge, you will find the drawer for the SIM card and the microSD card. In the back, your camera practically does not protrude from your body, and the flash and heart rate sensor are better integrated into the back of the Android cell. However, as there is no physical button on the front, apparently Samsung failed to finish the technology that allows it to integrate the fingerprint sensor to the screen and there is no fingerprint reader on its side edge. Instead, the company placed the fingerprint reader on its back.

google pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 XL Cancel Produced

Some time ago scattered issues if Google will be producing three new Pixel cell phones to 2017. But reportedly there are only two that will be released to the public.

Third mobile phone upgrade Pixel it will initially have a code name Walleye, Muskie, and Taimen. And reportedly Muskie will stop its development, having previously predicted would be the successor to the Pixel XL.

Compared to the other two phones, screen size Muskie there in the Middle, with a Walleye have small screens and a larger screen Taimen. Mobile phone with code Taimen is what reportedly will be the Pixel 2 XL, because the size of the display is great, although body remains slim since it’s got a screen ratio to the body.

Pixel 2 predicted using the processor Snapdragon 835, like most mobile 2017 flagship. The release itself is expected to occur in September or October.

Prediction time launch Pixel 2 arises from the time release Android O, called would slide in August. Typically, Google will wait for 1 to 2 months after the launch of Android O before the release of Pixel 2.